Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leveson, Murdoch, Zac Efron and Richard Branson

In February the Shuttle pondered as to why the most disliked paparazzi, both in Australia and the UK, the Big Picture agency lads had seemingly gone to ground.

Their boss, the tubby Darryn Lyons appears to have set up house in Geelong where he originally came from and has toned down his act even resorting to just one colour in his dated Mohawk hair cut.

We already knew some details of the scandal that eventually broke around ten days ago in the British media-that a Virgin Airline employee had been selling celebrity travel information to the agency.

 Our source says Virgin legal eagle's have gone into extended huddles to see if any other employees have engaged in similar behaviour. Word has come down from high-Sir Richard Branson that no stone is to be left unturned and that there are to be none of the debacles that have surrounded Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in the phone hacking scandal.

But is it just the tip of the iceberg?. The Shuttle hears that two more airlines have begun investigating staff after tip-offs that claim similar practises were underway. Closer to home, a local photographic agency may be in the frame for paying airport employees for confidential information.

A firm which supplies security personnel and drivers for visiting celebrities is conducting internal reviews over long time claims that employees would supply selected paparazzi with celebrity movement details in exchange for cash. One Sydney car hire business hires drivers who have held dual roles in the past-driving around celebrities like Rupert Murdoch and working in their spare time as paparazzi.

# Just to show we have no hard feelings towards the paps-here are some snaps supplied to us of movie heartthrob Zac Efron in Sydney yesterday.
There is (mostly) no truth to the rumour a publicist notified photo agencies that Zac would be breakfasting on the balcony of his Park Hyatt Hotel suite at a certain time.