Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bodies Everywhere-Floating In Water

To our favourite art gallery in Woolahra-the Tim Olsen Gallery for a new exhibition by Martine Emdur (pictured below).

Vee & Grant
Fran McPherson & Sarah Grant
Martine is known for her oil paintings executed on a grand scale with the main subject being nude swimmers submerged under water.
Emdur, from Bondi Beach captures her great love of water and presents timeless images of the human form enjoying expansive surfaces of uninterrupted water. The languid nudes surrender themselves to the ocean, their warm bodies juxtaposed against the cool water.

She's been exhibiting at major galleries around Australia for over ten years and is a collector's favourite with prices ranging from $6000 for a smaller work and up to $80,000 for one of the large canvases.
Isn't there some sort of Freudian treatise on all this water-something to do with sex?. Perhaps we'll ask her famous brother, the TV star Larry Emdur next time we see him. 
PJ Lane & Ashley Talbot
You can be sure when Martine exhibits the gallery will be packed and the red dots numerous. Amongst what looked like a well heeled crowd: top auctioneer Tim Goodman, model agent Grant Dwyer with a stunning blonde named Vee Troyak. (is Vee his new discovery?). P.J Lane turned up with his new girlfriend Ashley Talbot but they don't really want folks to know they are an item. So we wont tell a soul. Also there- photographer Rex Dupain (right with Tim Olsen) and one of Australia's hardest working models Sarah Grant who brought her pal Fran McPherson
You may have heard of Fran's oldest daughter who is also a model-Elle McPherson.

Martine Emdur at the Tim Olsen Gallery 4-22nd April.
 63 Jersey Road, Woollahra 61 2 9327 3922