Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bachelors Galore!

Vogue Williams
Hayden Quinn

And so to the fabled Marquee nightclub that opened less than a month ago with "it" girl Paris Hilton and other assorted slebs like Will-I-Am.
 A chance to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Not much so it seems and for our UK readers, put it this way, the decor challenged nightclub would never be a threat to Peter Stringfellow. Perhaps 1980s design is all the rage again.


Cleo Magazine was hosting it's famous Bachelor of The Year event which means plenty of beefcake and lots of pretty gals at a party organised by top publicist Roxy Jacenko.

  right : Sandor Earl
 left: Lisa Wilkinson

The winner ?. Surfing chef Hayden Quinn, a very likable chap whose star continues to rise after his MKR appearances. And why not-so saleable. A surfer and a top chef. A winning combination.

One small hitch, the nightclub's escalator didn't work and was still out of action when the Shuttle left so a kindly bouncer escorted us through a rain swept walkway into a darkened theatre and pointed to an exit. Perhaps this was the legendary VIP entrance.

left : our fave DJ Ruby Rose

                                                                                                above : Celeb Apprentice Lauryn Eagle


Kendall Schuler & Avril Alexander                                        Adam Williams and Simone Holtznag