Monday, March 26, 2012

Will-I-Am? I Don't Think So

A missive arrives from the Star casino with a follow-up phone call from a PR operative : "you will be coming on Friday won't you ?".

"I doubt it" responded the Shuttle, "we have a date in Moss Vale for the weekend..wan't to get out of town early Friday and miss the traffic".
"This is the hottest ticket in town" she replied.."people are begging for an invite".
The Star is opening a new nightclub, Marquee on Friday with a "VIP" party and a public opening on Saturday. Following form they are busing in some star acts-Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Will-I-Am and some "party" girl called Paris Hilton. Ashlee Simpson, Nick Lachey, Red Foo, Abbie Cornish, the list goes on. And it wouldn't be a Sydney party without Danni Minogue, Lara Bingle etc ad finitum.

The Star has already run into bother with some of their spruikers being ejected from various nightclubs around Sydney after they were discovered handing out flyers for Saturday night.
The last time Paris was here was to open John Ibrahim's Piano Bar in Kings Cross two years ago on News Year's Eve. She was in and out of the club in under 30 minutes. We'll be in the country having a quiet weekend.