Monday, March 12, 2012

Sign Up Now

The man who has behind so many model successes, Grant Dwyer of Adpro Management is masterminding this year's World Supermodel Australia Pageant to be held in Fiji. Budding super models between the ages of 20 and 30 can sign up for the contest here.
The quest follows the traditional model quest with contestants judged on style and will cover the following areas: personal interviews, stage presentation, evening gown, swimwear and random questions. You can read much more at the official website here or join their Facebook page.

And remember, all of Dwyer's discoveries have gone on to have stellar careers in modelling and television work earning a small fortune along the way. They include Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, Jasinta Campbell, Rachael Finch, Ashley Talbot and Lauryn Eagle.

# LAURYN EAGLE who will star in this year's Celebrity Apprentice with David Hasslehoff and Charlotte Dawson and has split from long time boyfriend , the boxing champ Lovemore Ndou in rather acrimonious circumstances with rumours of a sex tape of the pair threatening to be released.

right : Lauryn & Lovemore in happier days at last year's Hermes Beach Party