Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kylie, New Year's Eve & Clueless Media

You know who you are : the Nine & Seven TV Networks and even the ABC. And let's not even mention the tabloids ( perhaps it's the stress of their sister organs being under the spotlight in the UK).

All reported breathlessly this morning that our Queen of Pop , the gorgeous Kylie Minogue will be this year's New Year's Eve ambassador. It was, they repeated in chorus, Kylie's very first involvement in Sydney's New Year's Eve celebrations that sees up to 1.5 million people line the harbour for the sensational fireworks.

Phil Avalon
Well no actually. Kylie was the guest at the 2002 New Year's Eve party at the Sydney Opera House and threw the switch to start the fireworks that year.
We know because as she was stepping forward to throw the switch, cheered on by thousands of spectators, the Shuttle had to separate a paparazzi and the film producer Phil Avalon who said the snapper had insulted his wife.

To soothe Avalon's nerves we took him into the bar for a drink with Kylie so he would forget about the rude photographer. Do your research folks.

(the following year, the guest switch thrower was US actress Sarah Michelle Geller)

Getting into the spirit for his Cuban visit.