Saturday, March 31, 2012

Falling Stars

Will-I-Am & Ashlee Simpson arrive on Wednesday for the Marquee openiung.
Relaxing in our rural retreat for the weekend, our spy disguised as a B-List sleb ventured into no-man's land, Darling Harbour for the much trumpeted "VIP" celebrity opening of Star Casino's Marquee nightclub.

The original architects of Star City say they operated under directions from a Feng Shui Master which may explain the millions in profits that have been generated for it's owners over the years but did they sack the Feng Shui consultant for the latest "billion dollar" makeover?. Things are going from bad to worse for the gambling joint despite the millions of dollars they have forked over for celebrities like Leo Di Caprio and the Black Eyed Peas to put in personal appearances.
Elton John stormed out of the casino's new penthouse suite after one day last year and fled to the Sheraton On The Park, vowing never to return and the on-going political dramas over the sacking of the casino boss, Las Vegas import Sid Vaikunta will get much worse.
Last night's appearance by Paris Hilton, surely on the slippery slope to celebrity oblivion was a major mistake and basically set the tone for the glitzy nightclub. Why it thinks it needs a "VIP Entrance" is a mystery. Getting patrons through he main door will be a struggle let alone those who pass as VIPs in this town.
Hilton's appearance at Bondi barely caused a ripple and noticeably absent were the paparazzi. They were largely absent for last night's launch as well. And as late as 6pm the club managers were desperately phoning around agents looking for a magician to entertain the VIPs.