Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shane, Elizabeth, Cate and Sarah-Jessica

Cate in 2010
It's no secret about the vast a screen goddess like Cate Blanchett can command for appearing at a cocktail party-namely up to $250,000.

The Shuttle has been to at least three events in the past year where Ms Blanchett has appeared and one just a month ago attended by hubby Andrew Upton-the Sydney Theatre Awards although it's believed Upton will turn up sans fee to support anything that promotes live theatre.
With the missus pulling in three quarters of a million dollars for just three parties no wonder he is so generous with his time.

 But it's the 'conditions' attached to Cate's appearance that brings a wry smile, namely that speaking to the media is verboten. And who can blame the woman?

At the 2010 Sydney Theatre Awards Cate was far more relaxed, dropping any perceived attitude and chatted to lowly hacks ( like the Shuttle) in the bar after the awards and even summonsed a $20 note from no-where to purchase a round of drinks

 Blanchett has grown more imperial as her status as one the world's greatest actress’s proceeds unhindered and if the scene we witnessed at the 'Australian Oscars' two weeks ago-the ACCTAS is anything to go by, no-one could blame her for snubbing what passes for some in the meejah these days.

Only slightly penned in as the assembled hacks were that evening, the AACTA publicist had helpfully provided a print-out of every star attending and the name of the designer of that person's gown including Blanchett’s thrilling gold Alexander McQueen creation (pictured).

 That wasn't going to prevent an over-excited tee vee presenter from her moment of glory as she rushed forward, thrust a microphone in front of Cate's perfect face and asked "what are you wearing?

 A momentary and frosty silence followed and then the retort- "clothes!" emanated from Ms Blanchet as she left the crestfallen hackette trembling in her wake


Our spy disguised as a weary fashion victim attended the first major party to kick off New York Fashion Week,  the amfAR To Kick Off Fashion Week gala hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and reports word was buzzing amongst the assembled media as to who was the new bloke on the arm of actress Elizabeth Hurley, as our picture shows.

They were of course referring to Aussie cricket legend and hair replacement proponent Shane Warne who has proposed to la Hurley and who apparently, is not known in the USA.

All that has now changed of course although our informant says many of the photographers were still mystified upon being informed of the legendary status of the greatest spin bowler in history, as to why anyone would show interest in the 'game' of cricket.
Such sacrilege !.