Thursday, February 2, 2012

Queen Losing Her Hair

The UK has not only the genuine article but a clever look-a-like who has made a lifetime career out of impersonating her.

We refer to HM The Queen and her impersonator Jeanette Charles who has featured in endless TV commercials playing Her Maj and even been hired by social climbing European businessmen to accompany them to social events.

Australia has it's very own impersonator- comedian Gerry Connolly who appears to have lost his precious royal wig after leaving it in the foyer of the Regents Court Hotel in Kings Cross according to this report in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Connolly has been scouring the Cross and believes the hairpiece has been snatched by a drag queen. He found the other articles that were in the bag along with the wig before it's disappearing act, abandoned in a nearby rubbish bin.

We've uncovered a recent video of Connolly ala The Queen from when he appeared on a tribute show for TV host Bert Newton celebrating his 70th birthday. If you spot a shifty looking drag queen wearing what looks like the hair adornment in this video, contact Gerry at Celebrity Speakers. There may be a reward in the form of a title, medal or invitation to a Royal Garden Party :