Friday, February 17, 2012

NY Fashion Week Update : Zelda's Swan Song

She was one of those friendly faces you would see around town, at fashion shows, art gallery openings and cocktail parties.
Zelda Kaplan was a delightful woman who would always remember you even after a five year absence and even if she forgot your name-"oh it's you darling. How wonderful to see your lovely face again !" Always wearing one of her own creations with a matching hat.

Zelda-shortly before her exit
Zelda & Snoop Dog..she knew everybody
 In this ever changing parade of personalities that these days passes for a social scene, in New York just spotting Zelda across the room gave one that warm fuzzy feeling you were at the right party.

Yesterday she bade farewell in inimitable Zelda style...sitting front row at the designer Joanna Mastroianni's fashion show in New York , passing out, slumping into her neighbour's lap and then exiting this mortal coil.

You could genuinely say this time :she had a good innings. Zelda was 95 and she would have loved the commotion her exit caused. The only thing missing was a glass of champagne.

Vale Zelda Kaplan 1917-2012
photograph :