Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New York Update

How he does it is a mystery. We are talking about uber social photographer Patrick McMullan who rules the roost in the Big Apple.
If Patrick isn't at your party (or at least one of his snappers) you can write the evening off.

Operating out of a Fifth Avenue apartment near Washington Square he sets off each evening with a fist full of invites, returning in the early hours.
He's published six top selling books now of his photographs that feature in publications like Interview, Ocean Drive, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and magazines and newspapers around the world. He's an associate editor on Vanity Fair. The books  have titles like Kiss Kiss, Secrets of The Riviera, Men's Show and Glamour Girls. The titles are self explanatory.

This week he hosted a book signing for Kiss Kiss to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless, in Huntington, Long Island.

You get his books at his website and see some of the latest happenings in New York as recorded by Patrick or one of his ten photographers that fan out across the metropolis nightly.

# At the New York Mercedes Fashion Week : Shane Warne with  Liz Hurley and her son Damien attended the Moncler show last night