Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marjorie Orr on Kevin & Julia

Never has an Australian prime minister had to work so hard to justify their existence as Julia Gillard since ousting Kevin Rudd in a party room coup in 2010.

The general public show little interest in Kevin Rudd replacing her but there’s every chance that a leadership spill may become a self-fulfilling event (certainly if News Corp has it away).

Monday’s much touted but disappointing ABC TV 4 Corners program regurgitated claims from 2010 and was much ado about nought, not unlike the great Canberra ‘riot’ of Australia Day when dozens of AFP officers dramatically bustled the PM and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott through a largely docile crowd who had minutes before been merely tapping vigorously on a restaurant window, gesticulating at the two politicians shouting insults no worse than ‘shame shame’. 

Where will it all end?. Perhaps internationally famous Astrology Marjorie Orr has a tip.

 According to Orr (sans the Pluto trines and Uranus square Pluto and other technical jargon):

Julia Gillard’s PMship chart, 24 June 2010 1.03pm is labouring mightily this year with…. by mid-March which is often a sign of an administration's collapse. If by a miracle she survives that destabilising influence returns later in the year...and so on. 

Basically it sounds like Mars and Jupiter may do her in by late 2012.

But there’s more as in Kevin Rudd’s chart:

Kevin Rudd - whom as I recollect no one actually liked when he was in power (in fact he was more popular than any  Oz leader in history, except within the Labor Party Caucus where he was detested) - does have lucky/successful influences in early March especially though he looks to be sagging badly from May onwards….. But he's certainly for all that in a bullish mood through the year with tr Pluto square his Jupiter and tr Uranus in opposition.

Julia is a Libran and Kevin a (by all accounts-the bitchy type ) Virgo.  Virgos holds grudges. For a long time.

So it’s business as usual and Julia will plod on while Rudd plots on, enjoys the speculation and News Corp fans the flames. Which means God forbid, another two years of this.