Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Raining Men!

The social bible of Sydney's swish Eastern Suburbs, Latte Life has launched a very special contest-they're giving away free men. Not to keep permanently mind you (although anything is possible) but as a date for Valentine's Day.  There is someone for everyone in this quest and every age group is catered for.

For the older sophisticated lady we have Latte Life's society spy (and sometime Shuttle contributor)  bachelor Bill Ranken  ( below ) who gives his age as 'vintage'!.

A few tips here girls : do not be fooled-Bill may drive a small battered car he calls 'Snoopy' and live in a fairly small pad in Elizabeth Bay weekdays,  but he does own two of NSW's most desirable grazing properties in the Southern Highlands, Nerida and Lockesly,both with very grand houses on them and some friendly neighbours like Miriam Margoyles, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

And his contacts are impeccable. Bill is on a first name basis with the Packers, Murdochs, Fairfax's, Waltons, Hordens , Graces..just about every family that comes with a brand name, a media empire or a few department stores. He lunches with Frank Lowy who owns the worldwide Westfield Shopping Malls chain, and he often escorted the late Princess Margaret to society events in London. Bored, is one thing you will never be with Bill

For the sporty girl Porsche Racing Car Driver/Entrepreneur, Aaron Zeferos, 28 is up for grabs and the girls may have a bit of a fight on their hands for male model, Mark Whittington,  who is just 22 and has that all important six pack and a top sponsor  The Star Casino in Pyrmont
Mark Whittington

Maurie Brancato
Another athlete is available, David Bell 43 who is Business Owner of OZUP Paddleboards .

 Next up is one for ladies who lunch and have their hair done  ( a Bay daily ritual) /  Celebrity Hair Stylist, Maurie Brancato, 23 of La Boutique. 

 Win him and you could become the fodder for gossip under the dryers for weeks to come. It could do wonders for the image.

And here is a real bloke for you gels with healthy bodies (or a healthy appetite) from Premium Fitness Studio in Double Bay- Michael James. 

As Latte Life's editor Jane King explains :                                                                                            
I was tired of all the desperate man shortage reports about the Eastern Suburbs so decided to find 6 of the best to run as dates in a Valentines Date competition ,pretty much as soon as we put the word out we were on the prowl for some dishy dates we had a  long list of applicants to chose from, we decided on the following for Ladies of the East to enter to win a Valentine date with; There is no shortage of available men in Double Bay..

To read the rules on how to win your male for a day you will need to pick up the latest copy of Latte Life now on the streets. Do hurry as although over 37000 are distributed they are snapped up fast. Or go to their website :