Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has Nicole Forgiven the Paparazzi ?

A portrait commissioned by Rupert Murdoch goes up for sale tomorrow at Southebys in London and is expected to fetch around $40,000 with the funds being donated to charity.

The painting, by Anthony Yeo was a study for a painting of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban which was  presented by Murdoch and wife Wendi to the couple after their daughter Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born in 2008. The Murdochs attended their wedding and Murdoch is a fan of Yeo having himself sat for a portrait as have many Hollywood movie stars as our pic of Arnold Shwarzeneggrr shows.

The word is that the painting now stands above the mantelpiece at Bunya Hill, the Southern Highlands cattle ranch where the Kidman/Urban family are now ensconced for summer.

# HAS NICOLE KIDMAN finally forgiven the paparazzo Jamie Fawcett after she gave evidence against him in a defamation  trial in the NSW Supreme Court in 2009 ?. 

 Nicole testified that she had been "really, really scared" of Fawcett. 

As the snap that appeared in Sydney Confidential yesterday shows, Nicole and Keith with Sunday Rose were all smiles for the camera as they arrived at Sydney Airport on Tuesday.

The by-line on the snap credits Oceanic which is Fawcett's new photo distribution agency.