Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Fortune

Grant Bowler at Tropfest
Grant Bowler star of the cult New Zealand television series Outrageous Fortune, the shaky isle's long running soap opera about a crime family was a guest at Sunday's Tropfest and was welcomed amongst the VIPs like Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett like a long lost friend.

Bowler fan Robert Greenblatt
Bowler's star continues to rise especially in the USA where the new TV series he will star in Defiance, a futuristic thriller will be broadcast on NBC later this year.

The New Zealand born actor has had a dream run, despite the film Atlas Shrugged Part 1, based on the book by right wing nutter Ayn Rand flopping dismally at the box office. When the the Defiance series was first offered to NBC word came down from Chairman Robert Greenblatt that the network would snap up the series as long as Bowler took the lead role. Greenblatt has been a long time fan of Outrageous Fortune and treasures his  DVD collection of the series which he regularly brings out on weekends at his summer retreat in The Hamptons to screen for friends.