Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion World Sees Sense

He has often been named as one of the world's best dressed men-HRH Prince Charles and the Shuttle fully agrees.

Having encountered Charles twice in an official capacity and accompanied him though two exhibitions, we always noted that Charles dress sense is impeccable.

Not a thing out of place, no shirt sleeve hem too long or too short, trousers cuffs (nicely  pressed) just resting at the top of a pair of spit polished British handmade brogues.
 Always a beautifully hand tailored Jermain Street shirt of a pleasing hue and a tie that doesn't match but complements.  Plus a jaunty pocket silk square shoved in that superb off hand way . probably by a valet whose sole job is to achieve that look.

And certainly no shiny ROLEX glittering with diamonds. Just the humblest Cartier Tank watch, gold case and black strap.
 And a simply gold engraved signet pinkie ring, which probably says 'all this is mine'.and perhaps a small lapel medal significant for the event, His jackets are handcrafted to follow the line of his body and they fit like a glove.
Now nobility from the fashion world has weighed into the debate on Charles's dress sense which many say is old fashioned or a royal embarrassment. Britain's Grand Dame of Fashion Dame Vivienne Westwood has announced that Charles is not only her hero, he is Britain's all time most elegant gentleman. You can read all this in the NEW STATESMEN out today.