Sunday, January 1, 2012

UK Newspaper's Saucy Pic

It's one of the Shuttle's favourite newspapers in all the world-The Daily Mail in the UK and it's on-line version Mail Online. It's mixes gossipy tidbits about celebrities with saucy tales on the Royal Family, the usual Fleet Street 'outrages' in line with it's right wing policies condemning welfare 'scroungers' (usually pointing out they may well be Polish) heady beat-ups about the lack of Laura Norder (law and order) with dozens of colourful photographs delivered in an easy to read snappy formula with great graphics.

And that's probably why the Mail Online gets around 30 million readers a month.

A current feature brings us a series of fascinating colour photographs in an article titled : 
Bygone times: Incredible colour photos from the early 20th century which capture a world on the brink of permanent change.

It's a series of fascinating snaps taken by Frenchmen Albert Kahn in 1909, over a century ago. What is different about these pictures is that they are in colour and give us a much more accessible feel of the era as demonstrated in the pictures below.

We particularly like the snap of the West African villagers who as the caption explains had probably "never seen a camera before". Indeed, and as our blow-up shows, the camera had an extraordinary effect upon the villagers!

West African Villagers

West African Villagers spot camera for first time