Thursday, January 26, 2012

Twitter Trends...

Ahhh. Twitter.

The opportunity to read every intimate detail of people's lives as they go about their daily activities. Surely the prime example of information overload. The current Twitter trend is Jonathan King, the pop personality who just appeared at the Leveson Enquiry in London.

Leveson is looking into the amazing revelations that the pontificating media so beloved off the masses has been engaged in an unholy hacking into people's private lives.

King's video of his song about the mass killer of dear old ladies  Dr Harold Shipman is a current trend. A Shuttle reader has directed us to another video.

Knowing we are a great fan of Marlene Dietrich (having shared an adventure with her..a tale for another day) we have a video of the film goddess singing live in Bournemouth in 1966.
It's Jonathan King's timeless song Everyone's Gone To The Moon. The song has been recorded by so many greats from Nina Simone to Bette Midler and was King's first big hit, selling over 4 million copies when released.

Not the greatest recording but an example of why Dietrich was a true star :