Monday, January 9, 2012

Society Surgeon's Wrist Slap

SYDNEY SURGEON Michael Zacharia, a favourite nip and tuck doctor in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs has been fined $15,000 for prescribing steroids, growth hormones and testosterone by the NSW Medical Tribunal.

It's quite a blow for the talented doctor who is a regular on TV shows like Extreme Makeover and is regularly consulted by glossy magazines like Cleo and Woman's Day.
Society ladies ( and quite a few men) swear by Zacharia's ability to lose a few years off the face with minimal surgery that looks like the patient has just been on a long relaxing holiday.

One well know partygoer on the Sydney social circuit who spoke to the Shuttle today (we know she's 59 years old but easily gets away with 40) said : "Michael is the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in town. He is a very caring and thoughtful doctor who talked me out of some heavy surgery I wanted and eventually did the most minor things. And it took at least ten years of my looks!"

Michael and his wife Stephanie Zacharia burst onto the Sydney scene about 15 years ago after re-locating from Adelaide and were an instant success as a new young glamour couple on the circuit.
For a few years Stephanie published the Australian version of Ocean Drive, the top US celebrity and social magazine from Miami.

Although the two have now parted ways they are still good friends and Michael has been building a steady clientele from the North Shore and in the East.

Michael thinks he is being made a scapegoat and is quoted saying : "I have had this issue placed against me but really there are lots of other doctors who are performing exactly what I was doing - thousands of other doctors both here and over in America"

Oddly, the drugs Zacharia prescribed are easily available on script in the USA and UK but Australia's medical profession is known for it's conservatism and for frowning on drugs that patients may actually like (doctors fought for years to be able to prescribe Prozac and Viagra).
Fourteen year old Jack Vidgen has been telling his Fcaebook friends about his current trip to the USA . Jack is holidaying in New York for a week before heading to Los Angelas for the G'Day Australia celebrations there later this month :

"New York is INSANE!!! It's incredible.. Went to New Jersey today and checked out 'Carlo's Bake Shop' (from the show Cake Boss) and there was about a half-hour wait to even get into the bakery.. Then caught the Subway back to Times Square (this scary looking guy kept staring at me and I got freaked out lol). I'm off to see 'WICKED' now.. I'm sure it'll be amazing!"

Scary looking guy on the subway?. Why isn't Sony providing a limo for their top selling, angelic looking young star ?
After winning Australia's Got Talent last year Vidgen also appeared in a star studded event in Las Vegas. He's also become a big star in South America and his Youtube videos have now received over 14 million hits.