Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Social Shuttle Scoops The World!

 We sat this one out as we watched the world's media breathlessly report the Twitter words of Wendi Deng supposedly responding to hubby Rupert Murdoch's odd witterings on the weird site Twitter (admittedly to which we belong) that brings you second by second the thoughts of hundreds of millions of folks in the first sign that the world is plunging into an era of information overload.

The Shuttle had already unmasked the phony Wendi and it really wasn't too difficult. If a staff of two part-timers and one dyslexic cat can do it, why can;t some of the world's most experienced media?.

Yesterday we hinted that the Deng Twitterer was a fake despite newspapers around the world claiming that News Ltd had .confirmed' she was for real. Read more in today's SMH.