Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saucy Pics of Deborah Hutton

Womens Weekly has a nude photographic of TV personality Deborah Hutton on it's cover. Deb is looking pretty hot for someone who has just turned 50 (despite the claims the snap may have been airbrushed).

Hutton hasn't stop working since the 1980s when she was the cover girl for the Grace Bros emporiums (now Myer). At that time the speculation was that she was girlfriend of promoter Harry M.Miller. The two were often seen arm in  arm at social events.

But it was all a cover. Harry was Deb's manager for many years and steered her career from success to success. Deborah has never married and now shares an apartment with a gal pal Danni Roche. She's also become a property investor and has snapped up two flats that are being built in the old Harold Park site at Glebe.
Harry & Siimone

Sadly Harry M's health has been failing over the past two years since a stroke downed him and he spends more and more time in a Potts Point nursing home where other residents include former PM Gough Whitlam and TV star Jeannie Little.
Miller was the agent for the stars and once dated singer Shirley Bassey. His clients have included Lindey Chamberlain and Gae Waterhouse and in the 60s he brought some of the world's top acts to Australia including the Rolling Stones and Louis Armstrong.

In his 2009 autobiography he revealed how Prince Charles had confided over dinner that he always believed Australia would and should become a republic one day. Two or three times a week Harry lunches with long time partner Siimone Logue at her Potts Point restaurant. Sadly the two rarely make it to red carpet openings these days,