Saturday, January 21, 2012

Royal update:Limos,Guards,Guns and Paddington

It's generally one of the quietest times of the year with just the Sydney Festival providing some light relief but last week was fairly eventful for the normally deserted Paddington and Double Bay.

Najib Razak & Rosmar Mansor
 The Shuttle became embroiled in a minor fracas in Paddington mid-week as we motored through the back streets and emerged onto William Street, the tiny thoroughfare of smart boutiques (Gail shopped there for chocolates for Oprah Winfrey when they were in town) to find the street blocked by a fierce looking black limousine- the four wheeled drive variety now so beloved of today's celebrities. With two sunglass wearing black suited gentleman blocking the traffic.

 A full five minutes past before these self-appointed traffic wardens graciously allowed the mounting traffic to pass, with a furious waving of the hands as we inched our way past the shop and peered in to see who it was that may have commanded such pomp and ceremony

King of Tonga
One report appeared today stating that Rosmar Mansor the wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak happened to be shopping in Paddington that very day
But the plot thickens.

A report arrives that a similar vehicle was seen idling outside an upmarket boutique in Double Bay the same afternoon. A well-known paparazzi reports that as he began to take photographs of an "Asian looking" lady who emerged from the shop and headed for the limo, he was suddenly confronted by a pistol packing minder telling him to buzz off.

 Co-incidentally word spread through the Bay that the daughter of the Tongan rulers His Majesty King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV and Her Majesty Queen Halaevalu Mataaled was on a shopping spree in Double Bay that day as well. Such excitement!


Queen Margrethe
 Meanwhile the crowned heads of Europe gave e their collective tiaras an outing at a grand party at Christiansborg Palace Chapelin Copenhagen to celebrate Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's 40 years on the throne. 
Naturally the popular former Tasmanian Crown Princess Mary was featured along with a variety of dethroned and serving royal heads such Pavlos & Mary-Chantal of Greece (they have no last name-so chic!) Queen Silvia and King Gustav of Sweden and Queen Sonja of Norway.

There is a Shuttle connection to Queen Margretthe. In her 20s she shared a flat in London with Jean Onions, the sister of Shuttle contributor Bill Ranken.

 And we have an exciting exclusive on the British Royal Family. According to one report HM the Queen will announce her abdication at her Jubilee celebrations later this year and handover to Prince William. No King Charles or Queen Camilla-they are to by-passed for the younger and more glamorous Wills and Kate.

The scoop comes to us courtesy of the newsofthewoldonline.

Sadly we note this must read glossy website no longer appears to feature our favourite minor German aristocrat Frederic Prinz von Anhalt as a show biz writer.
Married to the ailing Zsa Zsa Gabor, perhaps he has other things on his mind.


And here is a snap that young Jack Vidgen sent us from the red carpet at last week's G'Day Ball in LA. Tonight he sings at the New York G'Day Ball..  he sent the following message :
" The New York Gday USA Ball is tomorrow night.. Loved the LA one so much am really excited for this one.!! The other acts were so awesome in LA, Guy Sebastian is going to be performing as welll. Will be great to see him!
It was FREEEEEZING in New York today! Apparently it's meant to snow tomorrow so i better rug up lol
Am flying to Houston in a couple of days, I bet Texas will be awesome!
Hope your all well and only a few more days till I'm back in Oz :)"