Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo Fail!

While tales of the luxurious living arrangements of the recently busted and gloriously named Kim Dotcom resound around the world in the FBI's bust of the allegedly piracy file sharing site Megaupload (see scary poster below now on the website), one Sydney photo agency manager who wished to remain anonymous is crying foul !

Apparently for the last three years they have been using Megaupload as a storage site for their top selling celebrity and paparazzi photos because of limited storage space on their own server.

The agencies manager says :" we were about to upgrade computers with our own server in 3 months in a new office and have been using Megaupload to store bulk images"

He reckons the Feds have nabbed 1000s of celebrity photos worth an estimated $100,000 along with everything stored on Megaupload.

"Most of the pictures are irreplaceable and they were all digital pics from the past ten years. It's a devastating loss. We phoned the FBI in the USA but they were non responsive"

Is it normal for policing authorities to nab the private property of innocent people because they may be associated without knowing with an accused ? There is talk in the USA of lawyers lining up for a class action.