Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Love.....

Wow! Her personal security guard is hot!
Sweet Holy Mother of God, I am so in love - how can we find out who that bodyguard is ????
Sorry, I know this is serious, but holy crap that body guard is GORGEOUS!
Ooooo.....i'd have a cling as well, he's one tasty bodyguard!!! Lol ;-)- lilylitebug , west midlands , 26/1/2012 22:06
Blimey, I would have clung to him too, he's gorgeous........- Paula, Cheshire, 26/1/2012 22:55

Any excuse to cling on to your Jules..??- Sam, Dubai, 26/1/2012 23:07

I'd cling to her body guard too if I had the chance.. Crowds or no crowds...- Sarah, Newcastle, 26/1/2012 21:41
He can come and guard me any day.- Jane, London, 26/1/2012 21:31
ooooh errr I would like him to rescue me too. mmmmmmmmm- Me , Here, 26/1/2012 21:21
That guard is enjoying every moment of it.....ha ha ha- Anita, Nairobi, Kenya, 26/1/2012 22:12