Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Fiji-Now Kings Cross

SYDNEY GIRL-ABOUT-TOWN SHARON SARGEANT has returned to Sydney after holidaying in Fiji for the past week at the uber Jean-Michel Cousteau Islands Resort, the luxurious hotel that has cabins stretching along it's own palm fringed beach.


The Shuttle's local spy disguised as a fallen coconut managed to grab a few shots of the fun loving Shazza on the beach despite the hotel's boast that armed guards roam the grounds to keep prying eyes at bay and celebrities feeling safe to frolic in the sea au naturel, just as Sharon was (we've had to censor the snaps for our family readers).

Our local contact says the only time he spotted Ms Sargeant's escort, the famous private eye Frank Monte was once in the hotel's restaurant deep in conversation over lunch with a large important looking Fijian man who arrived and left with a military escort. What could he be up to?.The mind boggles!.

Kings Cross

But it's Ms Sargeant's activities over the past few days that has spiked the Shuttle's curiosity. Sharon was spotted on Sunday and Monday inspecting a number of vacant business premises in Kings Cross with a local real estate agent in tow. 

Apparently she was dressed far more demurely than usual and carrying a briefcase (albeit..a Louis Vuitton one) of papers, looking very business-like and  jotting down particulars of the properties she was looking at. What on earth is she up to ?. To date, our telephone messages left for Shazza haven't been returned.