Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ain't Love Grand

He  brought down the Berlin Wall (or something like that), now Baywatch star 59 year old David Hasslehoff has proposed to his 31 year-old girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, this morning while climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Hoff is currently in Sydney starring in Celebrity Apprentice and has been seen around town doing all sorts of weird jobs like washing dogs and selling hot dogs on Bondi Beach.

 The Bridge Climb is one of the great tourism successes and every visiting celeb has to do it. Even Oprah Winfrey managed to, chained to a dozen of her fans that she had transported Down Under with her on the great adventure in 2010 that has largely been forgotten.

At $200 a person and in teams of ten they set off every ten minutes. Everyone gets a nice certificate after the climb and a photo as in the one above of the Hoff and Hayley. You aren't allowed to take a camera with you but at least the snap is included in the price of the climb. Everyone says it's a great experience but that may have more to do with the oxygen levels at that height. The climbers are as high as kite in every way.