Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stalking A High Profile Lawyer

"Media Stalking"
One of Sydney’s best known criminal lawyers, Christopher Murphy says he has a stalker and has appealed for help in tracking down the man’s identity.

Murphy has posted two videos on YouTube of a man silently standing on the street corner very near Murphy’s home, holding what looks to be a professional TV camera but with no identifying markers.

It’s fairly clear watching the videos that the lawyer appears to be in some distress as he urges the man to leave him and his family alone He says his wife and young children are too frightened to leave home.

Chris Murphy
While TV and media crews can be alarming at the best of times, it’s the silence of the cameraman that makes his presence decidedly creepy. Standing silently and continually focus his camera upon Murphy does send a certain chill down the bones.
Chris Murphy has previously written columns for newspapers and handled cases for some pretty high profile celebrities including the hapless actor Matt Newton currently on a charge of allegedly striking taxi driver.
A prolific twitterer with over 2000 followers (he was introduced to twitter by Russell Crowe) Murphy has been correcting the more sensational reporting on Newton’s movements including the claim he was at a children’s party the night before the alleged taxi incident happened.

Newton, a talented and gifted actor has some serious problems with a psychiatric illness and despite the PM Julia Gillard recently appointing Mark Butler to the ministry portfolio of Mental Health and bringing him into Cabinet and state premier Barry O'Farrell appointing a mental health minister after revealing his own family problems, some journalists still don’t get it.

One tabloid writer outrageously suggested Newton should be ‘bashed' by members of the public after an incident with actress Rachael Taylor. More recently the Daily Terror has been musing on whether the actor has a future in the industry. Surely not a discussion that's very helpful for a person who is still recovering from health problems.

Below is one of Murphy’s posts on YouTube. Maybe a reader can illuminate us on why this stranger is lurking about street corners!