Saturday, December 10, 2011

Live In Person : George Clooney !

Quite how the list of guest speakers at Mondays' gala event in Sydney-Global Leadership Forum will enlighten those shelling out between $880 and $1100 with is any one's guess but the line-up is fairly glitzy.

Home maker expert Martha Stewart will be talking about 'building a global brand' and the promoters are claiming she "had more influence on how Americans, eat, entertain, and decorate their homes and gardens than any one person in our history" while Hip Hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons will be spruiking his latest book Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All. Perhaps the 99percenters on Wall Street should grab a copy.

One speaker who should be interesting is Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus who started Grameen Bank in Bangladesh in 1983 to help poor people escape from poverty by providing loans on terms suitable to them. Maybe the big four Australian banks who make multi billion dollar profits each year but were just dragged kicking and screaming to pass on the half percent interest rate drop in the past few days will take note.

But the biggest draw card commanding a reputed fee of $500,000 must be heart throb movie star George Clooney -live in person as the website says-who arrives this morning. He will talk on human rights and saving the planet, and those on it.
Let's hope this conference is more successful than the last event the Shuttle attended, former British PM Tony Blair's speech at Darling Harbour earlier this year When Blair arrived surrounded by a dozen body guards and Federal Police he was greeted by just 4 media reps and a half empty room.

The only other Ra Ra event the Shuttle has attended was one many years ago hosted by advertising guru Siimon Reynolds and real estate genius John McGrath. We ended up standing on our chair shouting slogans along with the other eager bright eyed punters. But it was 8 am in the morning and after 2 glasses of champagne-the bribe we accepted to be there.

Tickets for the Global Leadership Forum Unwrapping Genius are still on sale here