Sunday, December 25, 2011

Leo DiCaprio's Catalogue Christmas Present


Great Gatsby star Leonardo DiCaprio is back in California today for Christmas after flying out of Sydney on Thursday afternoon courtesy of The Star Casino's corporate jet.
Accompany him was Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherington who the Daily Mail has reported,  Leo spotted in an underwear model catalogue and contacted her with a request to join him in Sydney. Erin continued on to New York on a commercial flight.

The UK Daily Mail newspaper also has a series of photographs taken last Tuesday by a tourist of the pair touring the grounds of historic Vaucluse House which is in the next suburb to Point Piper where DiCaprio is renting a harbour side house while he films Gatsby for director Baz Lurhmann.

Several newspapers have reported that Leo has 'imported' several models to date yet the Hollywood star has often been spotted partying with his close knit band of male friends sans these 'girlfriends' at several Sydney night spots including Ivy in the city where twice he has rented the lounge bar for he and his pal's exclusive use and the tiny Beach Haus nightclub in Kings Cross where, once Leo & pals arrive one of his bodyguards is posted at the front door to screen further guests who may arrive. DiCaprio will be back in Sydney in early January to wrap up filming.

Meanwhile director Baz Luhrmann is recovering from an injury that required several stitches and resulted in the Gatsby set being closed down until January, after he hit his head on a camera weight last week.
While DiCaprio's co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey McGuire are spending Christmas in Sydney, friends have been commenting on Baz's new smooth look around his eyes and pondering whether Luhrmann has had surgery.

One older technician who has worked on many Hollywood films said that when he arrived for the first day of filming on Gatsby, Baz's new look reminded him of another movie great he has worked with-actor Burt Reynolds.