Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Bumpy Year & A Bieber Baby

The 2012 predictions are flowing in and the usual catastrophes await us-floods, typhoons etc as well as our old favourite Nostradamus predicting the beginning of WW3.

The New York Post's Cindy Adams says Justin Bieber will become a dad for real and Prince William and Kate become parents (that organ of repute Woman's Day says likewise but that 'medical intervention' will be needed)
The famous Edgar Cacye had lots to say about 2012 including that the entire West Coast of the USA will disappear (presumably in an earthquake) and that New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco will be destroyed as will Japan! Another tsunami ?. How accurate was Cacye ? Some of his predictions for 2012 have been uncanny having happened this year including turmoil in Lybia,. Egypt and Syria.

The BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent James Robbins says Assad's regime in Syria will fall in '12. Meanwhile Henry Deedes in the RightMinds blog in the MailOnline says Barack Obama will win again in 2012 (even I could have predicted that) but Jeremy Clarkson will be embroiled in another scandal when he calls Obama the Mad Mullah.

The website has bad news for us here in Australia. We're facing a 7000 ft tidal wave! Time to sell that harbor side property and move to Ulhuru.

The Psychic Twins Terri &Linda Jamison who it's claimed warned about the 9/11 attacks two years before they happened have a pretty good track record. They reckon 2012 will be a 'calm' year in the video below. No tsunamis. No 7000ft tidal wave. Phew.
They reckon however that Britney Spears will be working on a new album. Amazing !

As for the Shuttle-we predict tons more champagne parties in 2012, lots more gossip and scandal involving celebrities, politicians and business figures plus love affairs that begin and end. And when have we ever been wrong? . Happy New Year!