Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bullied Teen Controversy Spins Out of Control

It's another classic example of the power of the net that has seen Justin Beiber, Cody Simpson and Christian The Lion shoot to stardom after their youtube videos went haywire.

Jonah today
Jonah 4 months ago
This youtube video appeared quietly about 4 months ago. It's young US teen Jonah Mowry talking about his experiences as a bullied gay lad in school.
He prefaced it with a message that he felt suicidal. It's a real tearjerker and thousands of followers linked to it and pretty soon Jonah had over 2 milliion hits and tens of thousands of 'likes' compared to a few hundred 'dislikes'.

Then the blogger Perez Hilton chipped in and pretty soon Jonah had thousands of twitter followers  and was becoming a media star. The US ABC network interviewed him and singer Ricky Martin tweeted “one big rib breaking hug :0) ! Stay strong buddy! You are 1 courageous young man!!!”.

An appearance on Ellen de Generes was surely soon to follow.

Now Jonah has a new video up were he appears to be fairly flippant about his previous claims and says he has 'thousands' of people at school who like him. The backlash is only just beginning as the video responses are posted on youtube giving young Jonah a roasting and claiming him to be a fake. What do think ?

and a response to Jonah :