Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wearapist Jeannie Jets In

To Barrio Chino in Kings Cross and a small cocktail party for Jeannie Mai

Jeannie is a make-up and fashion personality who hosts a show on the US cable channel Style Network, called How Do I Look?. She's also a regular on the NBC Today Show giving Americans tips on how to look their best.

Starting as an adviser with MAC Cosmetics she first started doing the make-up of stars like Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys and for celebs appearing on MTV while hosting a number of reality TV shows. Jeannie's also a philanthropist travelling each year to Africa ,Thailand and Vietnam for 2 organisations, Heartbeat Vietnam and  Nightlight International that help improve the health of impoverished kids.

Jeannie also acts as a sort of sounding board for new young designers trying to team them up with established stars for those all important outfits for red carpet appearances. Her self named skill is dubbed Wearapy and Jeannie has become known as a Wearapist.
Arriving at Barrio Mario Jeannie caused quote a stir amongst onlookers and when asked what brand of outfit she was wearing she was momentarily stumped..until she finally remembered she was wearaping local designer Akira Isogawa.

We liked Jeannie. She was a refreshing change from some of the snootier slebs currently doing the rounds about Sydney.