Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Longer Keeping Up With The Kardashians

As Kim Kardahsian and sister Chloe Hardashian do their round of media appointments today, requesting that their...errr.. 'privacy' respected over Kim's marriage split up (Mum Kris Jenner is doing likewise in the USA and scoffing at rumours Kim's ring is worth $2M.."only half that") one must wonder who has organised this PR tour as the calamities keep piling up.

It's either a total stuff-up or Hollywood PR at it's best. As you can see by viewing footage here.

Last night the sisters went to the Icebergs restaurant at Bondi Beach, again a wonderful spot but not the best place to avoid the media as their minder's infer as they keep angrily hissing at the assembled paparazzi : one who actually said, clipboard in hand,"how did you find us here..leave us alone?"

This was the spot brilliant advertising guru John Singleton chose to launch his Bondi Blonde Beer in 2006 (like Australia really needs another beer!) with then 'it' girl Paris Hilton in tow. He later sold the beer brand for a huge profit 4 years later.

The Shuttle went to the party and made it through the mayhem on a Saturday afternoon. Unwisely we chose to leave just as Paris Hilton left and got caught up in complete chaos, being shoved against Hilton's waiting limousine that had all doors open waiting for Singleton and Paris to make a quick exit..

Hundreds of tourists had blocked the roadway and restaurant entrance and as 2 heavy minders gradually made their way to the limo with Hilton, they first had to remove an almost stereotype Japanese tourist, cameras strung around his neck who was now sitting in the back of the limousine, casually inspecting shopping bags from Paris's Paddington shopping spree that morning !


Meanwhile John Singleton, whose exploits have built him a $100M fortune by correctly gauging the Australian psyche-if we didn't know Paul Hogan's larrikan personality was the real deal you could be forgiven for thinking he was a Singleton invention-has escaped censure by the local Woollahra council having re-painted his newly purchased Bellevue Hotel in Paddington without council permission.

Bellevue Hotel
Facing a $3000 fine the council have agreed to waive the fine if Singleton re-paints the pub in  'acceptable"colours within the month.
A similar event happened in London in 2005 when he arrrived at his daughter's Notting Hill house unannounced, and not finding her home, had her front door re-painted red as a surprise. The local council ordered the door be re-painted it's original colour.

The pub re-paint is part of Singleton's promotion of the Gut Foundation, just one charitable cause the generous Singleton donates to which are a diverse lot- from paying legal bills of incarcerated asylum seekers, Rev Bill Crews Exodus Foundation  and almost too many to name..
Sadly, John who has been married 5 times has just split from his girlfriend Yvette Hartmann.