Thursday, November 3, 2011

Edit This In

EDIT is a fantastic shop in Surry Hills and there is nothing quite like it. An interiors collection that is as beautiful as it is unique.Witty, playful reimagining of vintage objects and fabrics into new homewares and furnishings. Sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, wall art, the range of fabrics designed in-house… they all have a uniquely Edit style

Angela Belle McSweeny, Di Hamill, Melinda McMahon at Edit
It's an original mix of chic and whimsy, sophistication and fun. There is something that will surprise and delight everyone in the Albion Street showroom and the ever-changing “collection” is a must-see.

Nearly everything is designed by Sharyn Storrier-Lyneham who knows her craft-she was editor of Vogue Living for many years.
Sharyn Storrier-Lyneham & son Ben

artist Thomas Bucich
With a large backroom that doubles as a gallery Edit threw a party to co-incide with artist Thomas Bucich's exhibition of sculptures, and works on paper.