Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Artemis,Packer, Picasso and Obama

Shanthini Naidoo & Ros Packer at the Picasso show
She was at the Art Gallery of NSW last Friday taking in the Picasso exhibition- Ros Packer, the widow of the late media mogul Kerry Packer who passed away in 2008. On the same day a remarkable sculpture was being loaded on a ship bound for Australia where it will arrive on December 27th.

A report has emerged claiming Ros may have been the purchaser of the giant bronze sculpture by British artist Nic Fiddian-Green which has recently been on display at Goodwood Racecourse.

Titled Artemis after the Greek god, its name has now reverted to the original name given it by the artist: ‘I Look Beyond for a Distant Land’.
The Midhurst & Petworth Observer newspaper says the 40ft high piece is on its way to Australia where it has been “bought by the widow of an Australian media mogul who had strong links with the equine world. She has collected work by Mr Fiddian-Green for the past 15 years.”

Kerry’s grave is at his beloved property Ellerston in the Hunter Valley where there is already some of the artist’s work and it's believed the sculpture will overlook his resting place.
Nic Fiddian-Green
Son James Packer who inherited Kerry’s $6B fortune and was recently entertaining Tiger Woods, Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley at his Crown Casino in Melbourne has undertaken extensive renovations at Ellerston including installing a new Olympic size swimming pool, upgrading the private Polo field , building several guest cottages and landscaping the gardens.
Meanwhile Ros Packer will be in Canberra today to attend a reception for the US president Barack Obama.