Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Will This Fashion Die?

We've been watching with alarm the tendency for everyone these days to succumb to the tattooist needle, surely the most unoriginal fashion of the century,
Sunday Telegraph

Ros Reines writing in the Sunday Telegraph has ripped into the current X Factor judges ( and contestants) who  sport tats and insist on displaying them at every opportunity including Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian the committed Christian who seems to be trying to re-assert his 'street-cred' to balance his palm waving life.

Lachlan Murdoch and wife Sarah Murdoch both sport them and recently the estranged wife of media mogul Mike Willesee, Jordana Willesee turned up at a Hermes party sporting a newly inked depiction of Jesus Christ although she expressed reservations that the Thai tattooist had given the Saviour a slightly Asiatic look.

Past 40, tattoos are not a look and maybe it's time to call time on this fashion!.