Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sub Edit Howlers #2

In our continuing quest to urge respected organisations like Fairfax Newspapers to re-think their plan to lay off 200 journalists, photographers and sub editors, we bring some of the latest howlers that have slipped past editors and been published.

Yesterday morning the news filtered through that American student Amanda Knox had won her appeal in an Italian court over the murder of a flatmate. Tears of joy flowed from Knox's family and friends in the court. One of the UK's most popular tabloids The Daily Mail decided on a different result and flashed the following on their website for a few hours :

And just who will Fairfax be turning to for their new sub-editing services ?. Pagemasters, a division of News Ltd, publishers of The Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Perhaps no-one has noticed the following captions on a series of photographs on the Tele's website in a feature on "Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions" :