Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rick Stein Marries

How times have changed.
Around ten years ago Sarah Burns, then a publicist for Harper Collins publishers invited the Shuttle to a book promotion at a trendy hotel in Kings Cross.

There were several guests there including two British chefs Ainsley Harriott and Rick Stein.

While Stein was chatting to Sarah we asked them to pose for a snap which they reluctantly did. We didn't know that evening that Fleet Street had sent signals to the Sydney paparazzi to watch out for Stein and his 'secret girlfriend' believe to be blond Australian publicist.

By the following evening our photograph of the pair had swept around the world. Over the next few years Stein and Burns played a cat and mouse game with the Shuttle when they appeared at various foodie events in Sydney, quickly parting whenever we hovered nearby. One evening Sarah admonished us, albeit in friendly fashion, for exposing their affair to the world.

Yesterday Sarah Burns married Rick Stein at Bondi Beach and both sat down for a wedding feast at Maurice Terzini's Icebergs, the chic restaurant with what Stein says is "the best view in the world".

What a difference a few years have made.

Four weeks ago Rick and Sarah were more than happy to pose at the The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2012 launch.

Ain't love grand.