Monday, October 10, 2011

Pearly Kings & Queens

If you don't have your own set of pearls to twirl then it's time you got yourself a string of these timeless and stylish classics.

And where better than Paspaley Pearls, the leaders in the industry who have been producing South Sea Pearls since 1935 and are the largest suppliers in Australia and are highly regarded in the fashion houses of Paris, London and Milan.

Caroline Laws & Anna Lisa Klettenberg
Paspaley excel in choosing unique locations for their season launches and last Thursday was no exception. In downtown Redfern - once a no go area but now decidedly up market- in the magnificent antique centre The Residence owned by Martyn Cook and Thomas Hamel which not only had plenty of space but some precious antiques perfect for use as display cases, plus a few gorgeous models.

The Residence is just a few doors from the premises once known as the Geebung Polo Club which was years ahead of it's time but crashed and burned putting paid to Wilton Morley's (the son of actor Robert Morley) plans to open a stable of Sydney bars (It's now a gay leather club called Mrs Marys).
Jenny Sweeney & Tim Holmes a Court

Deborah Knight & Kathryn Robinson
Social heavyweights like Anna Lisa Klettenberg and Isolde Tornya, chef Michael Moore, Glen Marie Frost and Carla Zampatti joined a younger set including a brace of Holmes a Courts and designer Bowie Wong to marvel at the beautiful pearls on display.

A late arrival- Princess Caroline Laws' chauffered Rolls Royce tentivelly inched it's way down the narrow lane before depositing her at the front door.