Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Men In Underwear

When celebrity chef Rick Stein married his long time girlfriend , Australian publicist Sarah Burns at the Icebergs restaurant in Bondi Beach just under three weeks ago, he said the restaurant had the "best view in the world".

He could have been referring to the Bonds underwear bash held there last week at the Iceberg's seaside swimming pool just beneath the restaurant.
While Bonds' flags adorned the balcony, on closer examination the bunting fluttering in the sea breezes turned out to be rows of men's knickers. As the breeze grew stronger many dislodged and were last seen heading for the cliff walkway which would have made a nice surprise for the early morning joggers the following day.

Mark Gasnier &Pat Rafter
Tyler Atkins
The shindig was to launch Bond's new range of quick dry undies for surfers and sportsmen and a surfing match was arranged for a number of hunky men to take part in including tennis ace Pat Rafter, footballer Mark Gasnier, Hayden Quinn, Nathan Joliffee and others.
 Needless to say, plenty of  girls and quite a few blokes turned up to catch a glimpse of some dudes in briefs and tight wetsuits, muscles rippling and all that. The Shuttle just went to have a cold beer and get the gift bag that contained a few sets of the new undies. OK, admittedly we did have a little peek at the sportsmen, purely for aesthetic reasons but restrained ourselves from asking how these chaps achieve such tight butts, a subject of much discussion amongst the party guests.

nice spot for a party-the Icebergs.