Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lots Of Stars At The World's Most Costly Building

In report after report we are brought the news that the former Star City Casino at Sydney's Darling Harbour has received a much needed make-over (it's rather nice now) that cost a whopping $961 million dollars. (The Shuttle's resident architect says this must rate as the most expensive building  renovation ever undertaken on the planet and suggests the owners re-check their invoices.)

Now re-named The Star, a series of parties have been thrown to show case the joint and it is rather splendid. Leo Di Caprio has even taken a whole floor in the sumptuous hotel tower (reputedly provided free of charge).

We do hope they have enlarged the elevators. The Shuttle was once almost throttled by action star Jean Claude Van Damme in the hotel's lift. It's a long story for another time.

Last night they had a party but Leo avoided the red carpet and inside introduced star act Stevie Wonder to a glittering audience that included Elle McPherson, Tobey McGuire and Russel Crowe.

You can see a couple of photos from the event at the New s Corp's Daily Telegraph which has billed one as  World Exclusive Photo. You have to congratulate the Tele who have had an amazing run of good luck at getting some exclusive snaps of Leo driving cars, on the set of his new film at Fox Studios and so on.

The fact that News Corp owns the Tele, Fox Studios and has invested a mega sum in the new production being filmed at Fox The Great Gatsby (in glorious 3D) is of course, entirely co-incidental.

Irrelevent / Irreverent Fact :Anti-gambling campaiging MP Nick Xenophon on his website It's A Big Fat Lie reckons $12 billion a year is lost on poker machines.