Saturday, October 1, 2011

Julian Assange's Dangerous Ideas

There are still seats for this long weekend's Festival Of Dangerous Ideas with Julian Assange (by video link-up) as a key speaker.

David Marr
Phillip Nitschke
Other speakers include gay former High Court justice Michael Kirby, former leader of the Democrats Cheryl Kernot, asylum seeker advocate and barrister Julian Burnside, journalists Catherine Lumby, Kate Adie and Roy Masters, the man who wants to force the wealthy to pay more taxes Dick Smith and assisted suicide campaigner Phillip Nitschke.

Subjects discussed will include All Women are Sluts, Footballers are Barbarians, The Media Have No Morals, Psychopaths Make The World Go Round and many more.

Cheryl Kernot
One very popular discussion will be Gays And lesbians Have no Place in The Class Room with gay Sydney Morning Herald writer David Marr and Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby. And one to take your rotten fruit to: Is Torture Necessary? with Marc Thiessen a former speechwriter for George W.Bush who will tell us why he advocates water torture.

Everything takes place at the Sydney Opera House so book now as it's going to be a wet weekend and the event will be a sell out!

Tickets here.