Sunday, October 23, 2011

Critcs- But We Love Them

Margaret and David on their ABC TV set (courtesy ABC)
Celebrating 25 years together on Australian television, film critics Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton bring us the latest on the world of cinema every week on At the Movies on ABC TV every Wednesday night at 10.00pm and repeated on Sundays at 6.00pm. 

With their sophisticated critiques on what's new on the big screen, David and Margaret combine years of experience and one of the best things about this show is just how many times the pair totally disagree on their views of current releases.

Rush with Margaret at the party
They really do have an encyclopedic understanding of cinema history and the respect these two are held within the local and international world of film-making gives them an amazing access to just about every major film star and director in the world.

The Cannes Film Festival, Montreal, Venice, Berlin, Moscow- Margaret and David are there every year interviewing all and sundry and the pair seem totally at home interviewing international stars who greet them like old friends.

gorgeous Cate Blanchett popped in
What probably distinguishes these two is that even a thumbs down from either for a production often brings a a note of thanks from film makers who really do appreciate the pair's expertise.

Sydney born Margaret is a virulent anti-censorship campaigner and once got arrested by the wallopers when she was attending a protest on the ban of the controversial film Ken Park.

Wiltshire born Stratton discovered his love of movies when he was sent to Hampshire to stay with his Grandmother during WW2 and sneaked into the local cinema. With little formal education he spent a few years in Birmingham learning the family grocery supply business before opting for a career as a film buff. In his day he's been the president of the International Film Critics Jury in Cannes and twice on the juries of the Venice festival and has been a member of the jury of the Berlin International Film Festival.

The ABC threw a drinks party at the Ultimo Television Centre on Tuesday to celebrate their 25 year career and as a sign of the respect they are held in, some our most successful actors turned up to toast them including Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and Matt Day.

 Here's a rare moment on the show where David and Margaret actually agree on a film-The Blair Witch Project: