Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adolph's Gas Problems Lasted Until 1947

I bet you never knew that Adolph Hitler didn't die in his Berlin bunker in '45 but escaped to Spain where friendly dictator Generalissimo Franco put the mad Austrian up in the east wing of his Madrid palace where apparently Adolph passed away in 1947. How do we know ?.

 In May 1945 General Franco's medical staff ordered  a carton of 144 bottles of 'Doctor Koster's Anti-Gas pills' from Spain's largest pharmaceutical company,. This order was repeated on a monthly basis until October 1947.

Poor Adolph suffered from flatuence, just like the recently deceased Libyan Qaddafi. All this and more is in the new wondrous our second favourite wacky on-line newspaper ( is good fun)
Having destroyed half of Europe, the fidgety Hitler spent his last days tending to Franco's gardens. There are lots of pictures at the newsoftheworldonline with some chap helpfully pointing out many of Adolph's hangouts in Madrid including the graveyard where he is interred.