Friday, September 9, 2011

Small But Cuddly Bar

It's tiny but popular.

Beach Haus in Kings Cross opened in a side street a year ago and has become one of the suburb's trendiest bars.

Jamie Wright

Certainly film star Leonardo DiCaprio must think so. He's been spotted there twice hunkered down with friends in a corner. There's even a claim he has has rented the magnificent penthouse of the Gazebo building, just across the road to be nearby.
On Wednesday night Beach Haus opened it's Moet & Chandon Bar for a select clientele of about 50 regulars only too eager to sample the bar's wares.
So many long legged beauties in one room !. Where do they all come from ?. Perhaps that's what attracts Leo.

One guest- former Bondi Blond beer model Jamie Wright looking heavily pregnant had to forgoe the champers for mineral water  but she still celebrated  the fact that she and hubby John McClean had completed purchase of their million dollar Eastern Suburb's apartment that week.

Jamie became the face of the beer when John Singleton launched it in 2008 and imported party girl Paris Hilton to do the honours. It was such a success that Singleton sold out while Jamie and Paris partied around the world.

Sadly Leo was a no-show on Wednesday even though it was rumoured he may turn up. Perhaps he hasn't moved into the Gazebo yet.
bar owner Danny celebrates with gal pals