Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poppy, Paris, J.K & Anne

Poppy Montgomery
Press Association (c)
As Chancellor of Edinburgh University, Princess Anne was on hand too present Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling with a Benefactors Award.
Rowling donated $15M to the University to establish a new Multiple Sclerosis (MS)unit. Rowing is pretty generous with her donations but considering she has an $1B fortune she can probably afford to be. Her mother died of MS in 1990.  It was on a slow train journey that she conceived of the idea of Potter traveling to a Hogwarts. Which gives a whole new meaning to British rail delays.

Hilton giving the money while she was in Mumbai.PIC/SATYAJIT DESAI
Meanwhile Australian actress Poppy Montgomery is to play Rowling in an unauthorised bio-pic of the writer detailing her rise to fame from an impoverished single mum to the world's richest author.

And Paris Hilton has caused a family squabble when she handed a $100 note to a beggar in Mumbai. The unfortunate lady who handed it to her brother-in-law to exchange for local currency set off a fight that ended with the note being torn into pieces.

Paris just tweeted :
How can I reach this woman & send her even more in her currency? Can whoever interviewed her tweet me please? 
See, even party girls have their little problems.