Friday, September 2, 2011

Flowers and Art

Michelle Jank
                                                              Sydney has a brand new art gallery and it's a beauty. The new Martin Browne Gallery in Paddington opposite Trumper Park is an old industrial art deco style building just taken over by Browne who was previously based in Potts Point.         
Kylie Kwong
Saskia Haveks

Martin has turned the building into one of the cities finest premises that promises to be used for a lot more than art exhibitions. Last night it was the location for one of Browne's first big parties-the launch of
floral designer Saskia Haveks book Grandiflora Celebrations, a beautiful collection of gorgeous photographs of Saskia’s designs.

Grandiflora is one of the smartest florists in town. At the lower end of Macleay Street, Potts Point, they supply all sorts of fashionable people like fashion designers Akira Isogawa and Michelle Jank, restaurateur and MasterChef star Kylie Kwong, Singapore Fashion Week, numerous corporate board rooms and some of Sydney's grandest houses.

Leo Schofield did the honours and launched the book while party-goers ate smoked salmon and quaffed Mumm champers.

SBS TV's Jenny Brokie & friend

event designer James Gordon took pet poodle Bob to the party