Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Billionaire's Mistress

In the NSW Supreme Court a drama is being played out as Madison Ashton, the mistress of the late billionaire Dick Pratt makes a claim for $10 Million from the $6B estate Pratt left when he died in 2009

Dick Pratt
Madison says she was offered $500,000 a year by Pratt to be his exclusive mistress. Another mistress Shari-Lea Hitchcock who had a daughter by Pratt received a substantial sum from Pratt's estate while her daughter Madison reputedly received $22M and the deeds to a luxurious beach side mansion in exclusive Camp Cove. Shari-Lea is also disputing the estate over ownership of a country property.

The Sydney Morning Herald's PS column has revealed Madison's website where she offers escort services with the moniker Christine McQueen-Movie star face-Porn star body- with prices starting at a very reasonable $800 for one hour up to $5000 for 3 hours and $500 for 'Greek' (what is Greek?).

Shari-Lea Hitchcock
PS says Madison is a regular customer of a Paddington cosmetic surgeon who keeps the lady's body trim, taut and tucked.

However in today's Sunday Telegraph Ros Reines who sat behind Madison in a court session this week paints a most unflattering portrait of her -"I thought she was a legal clerk who had been running errands from Phillip St, and then stayed around to watch the action."..." especially when I took in the scuffed, flat shoes (what billionaire's mistress wears flats?) and the rubber band holding her unbrushed black hair in a ponytail".

We thought we may turn to a less jaundiced view- Punter Planet that assesses the virtues or otherwise of working girls with reviews from the average punter. Christine is quite a star on Punter Planet with dozens of threads plus some excellent reviews

LeapingLeroy reckons she is model material, lovely and that he had a 'fantastic time" . MadMick says she is an "absolute goddess" and "out of this world" while BoredDude666 is in total agreement with both commenting on her command of English. FrodoBaggins and paranoiddroid are equally enchanted with Madison's charms although it seems that all of them could only afford one hour with the famous lady.

Jeanne Pratt
Quite what Pratt's long suffering widow Jeanne Pratt thinks of this is anyone's business but she is fighting the case in court  Jeanne and Dick lived in Melbourne in the historic homestead Raheen and they also owned a magnificent penthouse duplex apartment in the ritzy Quay Apartments in Sydney. Neigbours at the Quay include Bold And The Beautiful star Ron Moss who purchsed on the floor below in 2006.

neighbour Ron Moss
PS says he visited Quay Apartments in 2006 and uncovered (along with a half eaten BBQ chook in the fridge) "rooms with a distinctly ''adult'' flavour to them, such as the salmon boudoir, where everything was decorated in pink  " and that "the penthouse at Quay was renowned for its bacchanalian parties ".

The Shuttle has been to the apartment twice under different circumstances, once in 2002 and again in 2007. Did Dick have The Renovators on call for quick makeovers ?. We found no "adult flavour" rooms.

 The two parties we attended were very staid affairs-one for the Sydney International Piano Competition and the other for the Australian Singing Competition for aspiring opera and classical singers.

Jeanne Pratt hosted both functions and there was no Louis Roederer champagne ( as discovered in the dozens by PS in the fridge) just a friendly glass of white and some unappetising hors d'ouverers. No pictures of Dick and his daughter Madison by Shari-Lea (as described by PS).

Perhaps more will be revealed as the case progresses and Madison's threatened diary of life with Dick is produced in court.