Sunday, September 4, 2011

Acting The Goat

Alexandra Richards
Dan Ewing and Diego Arnarg
Diesel launched their new range-Island Collection at the Sun Studio in deepest Alexandria.
These theme parties can be fun. Guests were met by an armed guard at a check-point and credentials were checked before being allowed past into the studio decked out with driftwood, old fishing lines and..well you get the picture..a desert island (we think)

But what was with the pink dyed goat ? We were assured by a PR person that the goat, called Billy naturally, was dyed with ecologically sound, all organic wool dye- ie, no animal was harmed in this promotion.
Billy posed on the red carpet for a short time and then promptly fell asleep and missed the arrival of  Patti Hansen and Keith Richard's daughter, the beautiful model Alexandra Richards who had jetted into town that morning.

goat goes on strike