Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Tickets to Vivienne Westword for £999999.00

Two tickets to Vivenne Westwood's  Gold Label catwalk in Paris (Spring/Summer 2012 collection) at 6:30pm on 30th September 2011... the exact venue to be announced just before the show.
That's the ebay item on sale right now to aid Wikileak's founder Julian Assange,

The starting bid is £850 or you can buy them for £8500 but the seller values them at just under a million pounds!. Sadly, no bids yet and just a little over 3 days to go.

Also for sale :  Julian's prison coffee, signed and fingerprinted (smuggled out by him)- 9 bids and currently £255, signed photos of Assange, books, a signed John Pilger poster and a gold "60 Minutes Challenge Coin" donated by US 60 Minutes reporter Howard Rosenberg.

Most of the items were donated to Julian at his recent 40th birthday. Start bidding here